DPF Cleaning 

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Scheduled DPF cleaning, every 150,000-200,000 miles, can save you several thousand dollars by extending the life of your filter instead of replacing it.  

Replacing Diesel Particulate Filters average $1,500-3,000 (or more) in cost while cleanings are well under $1000.

Signs of a dirty/clogged DPF:
Frequent Regens 
Loss of Horse Power
Decreased Fuel Economy

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Before (above)        
                                After (below)

Operators often assume their REGENS are sufficient to clean their DPFs. 
This is just not the case, simply put, Regens burn up the emissions trapped in the filter but leave behind soot and ash which over time build up, clogging your filter reducing its effectiveness. Significant engine damage can result. Pictured left (before cleaning) and right (after cleaning) is a filter we had come in well over due for cleaning.